12 Most Helpful Estate Planning Checklists

Checklisting you to Death – How to not leave your family guessing.  (12 Most Helpful Estate Planning Checklists)

Estate Plan Checklist

Need to get organized and update your estate plan?  We have compiled 12 helpful checklists for estate planning + organization. We will take a more in depth look at some of these topics listed below in upcoming blog series, “Checklisting you to Death – How not to leave your family guessing.”

12 Most Helpful Estate Planning Checklists

  1. Diagnosed with Serious Illness – Estate Planning Checklist  Checklist-Diagnosed-With-Serious-Illness-2.0
  2. Financial Accounts & Assets – Estate Planning Checklist Checklist-Financial-Accounts-&-Assets
  3. Having Major Surgery – Estate Planning Checklist Having-Surgery-Checklist-2.0
  4. Newlywed – Estate Planning Checklist Newlywed-Checklist
  5. New Parents – Estate Planning Checklist New-Parents-Checklist-2.1
  6. Information about your Home – Estate Planning Checklist  Checklist-Information-About-Your-Home
  7. Digital & Online Accounts – Estate Planning Checklist Digital-Online-Accounts-Worksheet-2.0
  8. Funeral Pre-plan – Estate Planning Checklist  Pre-Plan-Own-Funeral-Worksheet-2.1
  9. Executor – Estate Planning Checklist  Executor-Checklist
  10. Power of Attorney – Estate Planning Checklist Power-Of-Attorney-Checklist-2.0
  11. Advanced Directive (Healthcare) – Estate Planning Checklist  Advance-Directive-Checklist-3.0
  12. Choosing a Guardian – Estate Planning Checklist  Choosing-A-Guardian-Worksheet

*Checklists courtesy of EverPlans.com.  See their library of helpful estate planning and life event checklists. EverPlans offers a great service, and their website has a lot of helpful estate planning information.

EEA’s Estate Management and Fiduciary Service Checklist (Estate Plan)

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