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5 Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs In-Home Care

5 Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Your loved one took the time and care to arrange for the services of a Professional Fiduciary. You feel confident your loved one’s business is well managed. But, changes in your loved one’s health have prompted his fiduciary to begin the conversation about home care.

Often, fiduciaries initiate home care when a client begins to show signs that your loved one is no longer thriving in his/her current situation. You may have noticed changes in your loved one, but if you don’t live close, it can be hard to get a full health picture. Below are five reasons a professional fiduciary may recommend home care.

#1. Your Loved One is Showing Signs of Forgetfulness

Occasional forgetfulness happens to us all! But, if your loved one shows a regular pattern of forgetfulness, it might be time to bring in home care support. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are two well-known names for a constellation of illnesses that cause cognitive impairment. Usually, the symptoms of dementia come on slowly. You may notice subtle changes like withdrawal, rapid weight loss, increased anxiety, and memory loss. Many people remain independent with mild symptoms of dementia. Your loved one might only need occasional home care support. A fiduciary may recommend home care to keep clients independent at home for as long as possible. Occasional home care support may put off the need for more immersive care, like an assisted living, for years or even indefinitely. Home care is a great way to keep your loved one at home if that is his wish.

#2. Your Loved One Can No Longer Drive

Getting a driver’s license is a right of passage that fosters a sense of independence and pride. The opposite is true for losing a license. Your loved one may struggle with the emotional loss associated with driving restriction. Some people recognize driving may no longer be safe for them and others. Other individuals become angry, defensive, or depressed. Driving restriction can become more complicated if your loved one has dementia and can’t remember he shouldn’t drive. Your fiduciary may recommend home care to help with the loss of a driver’s license. Caregivers provide transportation services and can replace old habits around transportation.

#3. Your Loved One is Experiencing Falls

People who experience one fall are at greater risk for more falls. Falls happen for a variety of reasons. It is important to protect your loved one from subsequent falls. A bad fall can result in a broken bone, or health altering injury. Fiduciaries are aware of the health risks of a fall, and take fall potential seriously. Fiduciaries may also suggest initiating physical therapy. Therapy can help your loved one regain some strength and stability. In-home caregivers can help your loved one arrange the home space for more maneuverability. Fiduciaries, geriatric care managers, and home care providers often work together to plan for fall risk reduction.

#4. Your Loved One has Experienced a Change in Health

While falls often create an immediate need for in-home care support, other illness may warrant care support as well. Sometimes illnesses that come on suddenly like the flu or an infection hit elderly individuals hard. A person who was independent and active before the illness may feel weak and unsteady after. Progressive illnesses like Parkinson’s Disease create changes in health and wellness over time. When your loved one begins to show signs of decline relating to his illness your fiduciary may start home care support.

#5. Your Loved One Needs Help with Daily Activities

Daily activities include tasks that a person must do regularly to stay safe and healthy. These include feeding and preparing food, maintaining hygiene, keeping up with chores, transportation, medication reminders, and safe movement. If your loved one has trouble completing any of these tasks, it may be time to start home care services.


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Wrapping it Up

If your Professional Fiduciary is granted Conservatorship of the person, or Power of Attorney for medical decisions, he/she will respond to the changing needs of your loved one.  Due to various tax & liability issues, all licensed fiduciaries will require the use of a licensed and insured In-Home Care company/agency when the need for additional care arises.  Experienced fiduciaries have helped dozens of people through this aging process; You can rest assured knowing your professional fiduciary will not only know the best IHC companies in their local service areas, but also how and when to arrange the appropriate level of care for your loved one! 


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