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EEA SUCCESS STORY #3: Mr. Smith – Serving Justice for our Veteran Friend

EEA SUCCESS STORY #3: Mr. Smith – The Trusting Veteran who needed Justice to be Served.

One of our referral partners noticed that something wasn’t right when they met with Mr. Smith. When his parents died a few years ago, Mr. Smith had inherited a property that was completely paid off, and he had enough finances on hand to live comfortably the rest of his life.

Mr. Smith had various health problems that inhibited him from being able to live on his own.  Growing up with his parents for 50+ years, he never developed the skillset to manage his personal finances, analyze contracts, or live on his own.  So when he was approached by an unscrupulous insurance salesman to take out a loan against his house, he did not understand the consequences of entering into such an agreement.  He was coerced into taking out a loan with an interest rate that was double the industry norm.  Not to mention a variety of other “illegal” fees that were added on and designed to go straight into the pockets of the unscrupulous insurance salesman.

  • When we first met with client, he had been taken advantage of and lost over $900k+ to a mortgage and annuity scam.
  • When we met with the client, he was down to a few thousand dollars in his bank account.
  • Found a great senior community that worked with his budget.
  • Help ensure that client submitted application for VA Benefits, and then used that income to help pay for his cost of living.
  • We have helped our client to recover over $100k+ (and counting) to date that he has been able to use to help pay for medical, health and living expenses. We are currently in process of helping client recover assets that were taken from client.

Mr. Smith is doing very well. He has since met & married the first love of his life. They live happily together in an assisted living community.  He feels confident that his finances are being managed and budgeted.

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