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Protecting Seniors Against Financial Exploitation

EverSafe helps prevent senior financial abuse by continuously monitoring bank, investment account and credit card activity. When suspicious activity is uncovered, the senior and his or her trusted advocates are immediately alerted so action can be taken before it’s too late.

Easy to use, EverSafe only takes minutes to set up. Most importantly, it is always safe and secure. We employ the same level of security that banks use, and no account numbers can ever be accessed or funds moved using EverSafe.

Protect yourself or a loved one today! Friends of EEADMIN receive 6 free months of EverSafe protection by using the following link: Questions? Email or Call 888-693-9674

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LivHOME Standby Service Program

Forward thinking people engage in long range planning for their health care needs, and want assurance that help will be there when needed. This can be complicated for people who have no children or whose adult children live out of town, out of state, or out of the country.

LivHOME Standby Services Program is designed to give people who are functioning independently a connection with our company. We will contract to provide regular contact with the client until he/she wishes to participate in the full range of services that we offer.

What is included in our Standby Services Program?

  • An initial bio-psychosocial assessment completed in the client’s home by a LivHOME Care Manager.
  • Care Manager contact with the client by telephone either monthly or quarterly to update the client’s assessment and to monitor health status.
  • Review of the contract at the end of one calendar year and continuation of Standby Services if the client chooses.

Standby Services Program Fees:

  • The assessment and year of quarterly telephone contacts is billed at $450 per year for one person and $600 per year for a couple.
  • The assessment and year of monthly telephone contacts is billed at $600 per year for one person and $850 per year for a couple.

          For more information, call (310) 933-5880 (Los Angeles) or (619) 544-1622 (San Diego)                                                                                                                

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Ezra Productions: Family Legacy Videos

As we get older, our lives become much more about reflecting on our past and finding meaning and the purpose of our existence. For thousands of years we have had to rely on oral and then written tradition to pass on our legacies. But now we have digital video technology, which allows people to address future generations in a much more personal and direct way than ever before.

At Ezra Productions, we provide personalized video production services for people who are getting older and who want to recount the unique and impressive stories that have shaped who they are today. We give our clients the space to safely recall and reflect on their most intimate, life-changing, heart touching moments of the past and present to preserve them for generations to come.

Exclusive Estate Administration’s clients receive $200 off their first video shoot!
For more information, e-mail us at or call 310-500-5408.

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DMES, Inc. is the largest medical supply retailer, with 4 locations to service the Orange County and Los Angeles County. Changes in Medicare and new governmental regulations have made it more difficult for seniors and those recovering from illness or that have disabilities to access the equipment they need.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff at DMES is ready to help each customer that walks through their doors.
DMES offers​ free local delivery, rentals, as well as a rent-to-own program. DMES carries a wide selection of products, such as scooters, power chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, braces (arthritis, orthopedic), compression stockings, Pride Lift/Recliner chairs, bath safety, incontinence, luxury-grade hospital beds (Flex-a-Bed), hip and knee kits, exercise/rehab products, and much more!
All Exclusive Estate Administration clients and “preferred vendors” can shop their medical supply/device needs today and enjoy a 10% savings on your entire purchase!
(Some exclusions may apply, ask a DMES representative for details.)
For questions, email or call (714)657-7610 




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True Link for Guardians: A new tool to enable your client’s financial freedom.

True Link offers a debit card with customized spending controls to limit a client’s spending, while allowing some independence. A guardian or conservator can configure the service to allow certain charges and block others based on the individual’s needs.

No more gift cards, cash, or receipt tracking!

True Link consolidates all spending onto one easy-to-monitor card. Approved expenses automatically go through, while any unwanted charges will simply get blocked. You may also block all cash out on this card.

Friends of EEA: Sign-up for True Link today and receive 1 month of service free!

          For more information, call 1(800) 299-7646                                                                                                                
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Protecting and Preserving Documents, Assets and Legacies.

National Will Registry is built to help ensure that your most precious family assets and memories are protected and that your wishes are preserved. By ensuring that information, documents, assets and memories are readily available and that your wishes are documented, National Will Registry is able to reduce family stress, conflict and disputes while quickly assisting your designated professionals in administering family affairs and estates.

National Will Registry also provides a revolutionary first-of-its-kind estate roadmap to help provide clear instructions to your family. In addition, National Will helps perform other valuable services, including assisting with contact lists, final messages, private letters and videos, instructions and much more.

Finally, National Will Registry was created with modern technology trends, online accounts, digital assets and electronic communication in mind; and utilizes revolutionary tools to help families preserve and recover their documents, assets and more. The core registry services are free for life.

          For more information, email                                                                                                                
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