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Appointing a Licensed Fiduciary in your Estate Plan

Appointing a Licensed Fiduciary in your Estate Plan

If you have created an estate plan and have not spoken in detail with the fiduciary you have appointed to act in your behalf, we highly recommend that you have this conversation while you still are able to communicate your wishes. It is important to ensure that the person you have appointed to serve these roles, understands the amount of time and energy required to serve in this capacity. It is a good idea to list a licensed fiduciary as a successor (back-up), in the event that the primary person you have appointed is overwhelmed by these responsibilities.

Exclusive Estate Administration was founded with a passion to help give people an opportunity to live the rest of their lives with comfort and peace of mind. There is value in knowing your fiduciary is licensed and trained to make educated decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to.

At EEA, we understand that serving as your fiduciary (trustee, power of attorney, executor, etc.) is a big responsibility. To be able to remove this burden from a family member/loved one, is in many cases an invaluable gift. We will work with you, your designated “team” of professionals, and authorized family members to assist with all important decisions related to your well-being. It is our primary goal to ensure that the wishes you have expressed in your estate planning documents are carried out as intended when you are no longer able to do so.

We highly recommend that you meet with a licensed fiduciary ( to discuss the many benefits of naming one in your estate planning documents. We do not charge for being named in an estate plan, only once we are engaged for services will you be billed for our services. Due to this favorable pricing structure, many people will name a licensed fiduciary as a successor (back-up) in the event that their primary is unable to take these responsibilities on upon your loss of capacity/death. Look at it as an”insurance” that ensures your loved ones are not burdened with the duties of serving in these capacities.  This ensures that you will have an experienced fiduciary who can quickly step-in to action should the need arise.

Meet at one of our CA office locations, or schedule an “In-Home Initial Consult” with one of our licensed fiduciaries. 
Ask us about our Trusted Advisor services, designed to assist “out of state” or inexperienced fiduciaries with local non-legal fiduciary assistance.

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