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Naming a CA Licensed Professional Fiduciary in your Estate Plan

Naming a CA Licensed Professional Fiduciary in your Estate Plan

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No one wants to think about their death or demise any sooner than they must, but planning your estate in advance is a responsible and caring act that can reduce stress for your grieving loved ones. Hiring an EEA licensed fiduciary to serve a role in administering and/or managing your estate is one of the best decisions you can make for your family.

Top 5 Benefits of Naming a CA Licensed Professional Fiduciary as your “Neutral 3rd Party” Trustee, Power Of Attorney (Finance), Limited POA, or any other important role in your estate plan!

1. Neutral Party = No conflict between beneficiaries:

Everyone has heard at least one story about family members fighting over their inheritance. Sometimes these stories result in bitter lawsuits between siblings and ruined relationships. Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on legal fees, when there is a much more cost-effective alternative that may also save your family relationship?

It is fairly common to see arguments between siblings and confusing paperwork overwhelm families. When coping with a parent’s health decline or recent passing, emotions are at an all-time high. This is often a volatile time for families who are grieving and sometimes can lead to irrational decision making which can be a formula for trust litigation.  Thousands of families go to court each year to fight over an inheritance that will likely be spent on their respective attorney fees.

Don’t put your family in a situation where they are left to fight over your inheritance.  Name a CA Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CLPF) to take care of all your estate management needs.

2. Save Time = Save Headache

Being a Power of Attorney and/or trustee can be extremely time-consuming.  Have one of our knowledgeable CA licensed fiduciaries guide you through the administration process. Our trusted adviser service gives you 1-on-1 access to a licensed fiduciary “Estate Coach”.  Call today and speak with a representative for pricing and information on our estate management and fiduciary services!

3. Help Avoiding Probate:

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our licensed fiduciaries today!  We work with local estate planning attorneys who will draft an estate plan that is customized to your needs and wishes.  By creating a sound estate plan, and reviewing it regularly, you will avoid a very costly probate court process.  

4. Peace of Mind:

Obtain peace of mind in knowing that the distribution of the estate will be done according to your exact wishes. Have the reassurance that your estate will be distributed efficiently and by an experienced, bonded, and licensed professional fiduciary.  Fiduciaries are hired solely to act in the client’s best interest at all times.  Have the peace of mind in knowing that if you were to lose capacity, that a licensed fiduciary would be ready to step in and make decisions on your behalf that are in your best interest.

5. Save Money:

Many families who attempt to “save money” by designating an inexperienced child, sibling, or beneficiary as the successor trustee, can end up losing far more when it’s all said and done.

 Our professionals will ensure that everything is accounted for, and that you and your family are in the best position to deal with what is important; spending quality time together while you are able to. 

 Call today to schedule a free consultation with an EEA, CA Licensed Professional Fiduciary:  855-463-3286 


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