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EEA SUCCESS STORY #1 – Miss Sampson, Reconsidering your Family & Friends

EEA SUCCESS STORY #1Miss Sampson – Reconsidering your Family & Friends as POA (Financial) and Trustee.

Miss Sampson had initially named a friend to serve as her Power of Attorney and Trustee.  Because the friend was doing this as a “favor” for Miss Sampson, only the most basic needs were being addressed. At the rate she was spending her money, Miss Sampson was surely going to run out of money before the time she reached 75.

Exhausted from the additional duties, and fearing the possibility of eventually running out of money to care for Miss Sampson, her friend began searching for a service that could assist her.  She learned about EEA’s services through Miss Sampson’s estate planning attorney.  When we sat down with Miss Sampson and her friend for their initial consultation, we discovered that many of the benefits Miss Sampson was entitled to, were being overlooked.   Within a few short weeks on this case, we were able to get her multiple income streams that she had not tapped into.   Now Miss Sampson is living comfortably, getting the attention she needs, and has plenty of money to enjoy doing the things she loves!

  • We helped client in receiving workers compensation award that was rightfully owed to client for an accident that occurred on the east coast.
  • Got client award for $140k per year, 1.4 MM over 10 years. She will receive these payments for as long as she lives.
  • When we stepped into the case, client’s life was in complete disarray. She did not trust the people who were handling her finances, she was adjusting to life with a brain injury, and overall she was depressed about her situation.
  • She is now thriving – receiving full time care-giving, doing art projects (painting), attending concerts, and enjoying life.

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