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EEA Success Story #2 – Miss Johnson – The Lonely Widow

EEA SUCCESS STORY #2Miss Johnson – The Lonely Widow.

Miss Johnson had been living solo for 30+ years since her husband passed away in the 80’s.  While she had managed to take care of herself since his passing, it became clear that Miss Johnson was now struggling to keep up.   Her electricity had been shut off twice in the past 4 months because she was not paying her electric bills.  Her cable bill had racked up a $550 credit from double payments, and she seemed to be registered for just about every magazine subscription in existence.

When we arrived at Miss Johnson’s residence to assess her needs and tell her how we could help her out, we noticed that the house was in complete disarray.  Boxes, magazines, and furniture were everywhere and it was clear she needed some assistance.   We learned that Miss Johnson had a daughter who she had not spoken to in quite some time, but was supposed to be the successor trustee and sole heir to her estate.

  • We came into this case and immediately cleaned out the house to making the living environment more accommodating, safe, and sanitary.
  • We started our Bill Pay and Mail Management service to ensure all important bills were being paid on time. We cancelled 6 of the 8 magazine subscriptions, got a refund check from the cable company, and set up her electric bill on auto-pay so she would never have to spend another night in the dark.
  • While client initially fought the idea of having a caregiver, we were able to convince her that it was in her best interested to have a part time caregiver. We worked out a caregiving schedule that accommodated her budget and needs, and she is now thriving!
  • We helped the client find over $100k+ worth of money (uncashed checks, CD, life certificates for pensions, stock certificates, etc.) she didn’t even know existed.
  • We helped client to get back paid for thousands of dollars in missed pension payments that she was entitled to, but not receiving.
  • Per Miss Johnson’s request, we reached out to her daughter (the sole beneficiary to her estate) and were able to reconnect them after several years of not speaking. They remain in regular contact, and we provide daughter with important updates and quarterly financial accountings.
  • Today, Miss Johnson is happier than ever living and thriving in the comfort of her own home.

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