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Exclusive Estate Administration, Inc. (EEA) is an Estate Management and Fiduciary Services company based out of San Diego, CA. Our team of California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries can serve as Trustee, Successor Trustee, Power of Attorney (Health and Financial), Trust Protector, Trusted Advisor, Executor and Probate Administrator.

With access to over 20+ satellite offices, our team has been providing professional fiduciary and estate management services to clients throughout San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties for the past decade. Our fiduciary expertise and professional guidance throughout all phases of the trust, probate, and estate administration process has helped families when they have needed us most. Meet with one of our licensed professional fiduciaries to discuss how we can serve as a neutral party fiduciary in your estate plan.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to help you and your loved ones maintain independence throughout the aging process. Our team has achieved many successful outcomes for our clients and their loved ones. Let our team of licensed professional fiduciaries help you attain the peace of mind in knowing that your estate plan will be implemented and executed according to your wishes.

About EEA

EEA is a fiduciary services and estate management company based in San Diego, CA. With access to over 20+ satellite offices throughout Southern California. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries and see how we can help you with your estate management and fiduciary service needs.

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Fiduciary & Estate Services

EEA will help you throughout each phase of the administration process with a level of personal service you won't get from a bank / corporate trustee. Our team of fiduciaries can serve as Power of Attorney (Health & Financial), Advanced Health Care Directive, Trustee, Successor Trustee, Trust Protector and Trusted Advisor (non-legal assistance for appointed trustee).

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The EEA Fiduciary Team

Our team cares deeply about the clients we serve. Our team approach to fiduciary services is what sets us apart. We are ready and available to assist our clients with any needs that arise. From interviewing caregivers, coordinating activities, scheduling important doctor appointments, paying bills and addressing important paperwork as it comes; Our team of licensed fiduciaries are here to assist when you and your loved ones when you need us most.

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Our Why

Our founders know first hand what it is like to care for aging parents and grandparents; We have experienced the many difficulties that occur when a family member's capacity begins diminishing. The emotional toll can often be significant, and the conversations about how to care for an aging loved one is sometimes contentious. Families don't always agree on what is the best course of action, which is why a well-drafted estate plan (that clearly documents your wishes) in addition to an experienced (neutral party) fiduciary, is critical to maintaining family harmony and relieving stress during times like these.

We understand how this burden of additional paperwork, bills, medical appointments, etc. can become overwhelming for many families who lack the experience necessary to navigate through this process. Often this additional burden is placed unevenly amongst the children or other members of the family. This additional workload placed on one or more of the family members can lead to resentment and arguments between siblings about a variety of issues, including what their additional efforts mean concerning their inheritance expectations.

We quickly saw the need to hire a neutral-party fiduciary who possessed appropriate knowledge and expertise; someone who could step in and assist our family with important decisions, and tedious paperwork. A service that could ensure that our precious time spent with our loved one, wasn’t wasted on conversations about bills, in home care, senior living, doctor appointments, and finances. We wanted to enjoy every minute we had to spend with our aging loved one, and focus our conversations reflecting on positive memories, or using our time together to create new special moments.

This is why we founded EEA. with a mission to provide a service that could fill this growing need. To be the fiduciary resource, “the coordinator” that families can turn to during these often difficult times to help guide, mediate, and alleviate much of the stress that accompanies the implementation and execution of the estate plan. Whether it be finding an in-home care provider, or transitioning an aging loved one to assisted living; let our team of experienced professionals handle this process for you and your family. With over a decade of experience, we know when and who to call should your loved one need any additional services to accommodate their respective situation.

Prepare, Prevent, Protect.


Our slogan, Prepare, Prevent, and Protect was created to remind our staff what our 3 primary goals are.

1. To prepare our clients and their loved ones for the transitioning process that will occur according to the expressed wishes of the client.

2. To prevent family disputes from occurring, through neutral/third-party decision making in direct accordance with the clients documented and expressed wishes.

3. To protect our clients from the many dangers they face as they age; (depending on role(s) in which we are hired to serve) including scheduling preemptive health screenings, monitoring credit cards, financial statements, bills and mail to help protect against various phone and mail scams that are commonly targeted towards people over the age of 60.


The Process of Becoming a Licensed Fiduciary – EEA is Hiring Licensed Fiduciaries, Contact us for information!

Office Locations:

Exclusive Estate Administration Inc.

Meet with one of our licensed fiduciaries at any of the 20+ satellite office locations throughout San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties.

*Schedule a complimentary initial consultation at a location nearest you, or ask about our "in-home" and "virtual consultation" options!

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