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Since 2010, the Exclusive Estate Administration (EEA) fiduciary team has been providing professional fiduciary and estate management services throughout California. Our expertise and guidance throughout all phases of the estate process has helped families when they have needed us most.

Hire one of our licensed fiduciaries to serve as a neutral party Executor, Trustee, and / or Power of Attorney (Finance) in your estate plan. We also offer stand-alone Bill Pay + Mail Management and Trusted Advisor services.

Our Mission

Prepare, Prevent, Protect:
Our mission to help you and your loved ones maintain independence throughout the aging process, has helped our team achieve the successful outcomes our clients deserve and expect. Attain the peace of mind in knowing that your financial future is under the care of a team of licensed fiduciaries who has your best interest in mind.

About Us

EEA was founded upon three basic principles: Prepare for your financial future, Prevent conflict within family, and Protect those most vulnerable from financial abuse.

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Fiduciary & Estate Services

EEA will help you in handling each phase of your estate with one on one personal service unlike any other. Our dedication to protect your finances is top priority.

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Independent Fiduciary Network

We are a company built on a foundation of honesty and trust; only professionals who exemplify the very characteristics are able to boast the title of being in our hand picked IFN.

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Prepare, Prevent, Protect.

We are a company built on a foundation of honesty and trust; only professionals who exemplify these very characteristics are selected by EEA. We are committed to making all decisions in accordance with your wishes and best interests. logo_ePPP2013


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Exclusive Estate Administration Inc.

Meet with a licensed fiduciary at any of our 20+ Satellite Office Locations throughout San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

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