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Exclusive Estate Administration, Inc. (EEA) is a distinguished fiduciary services and estate management firm headquartered in Southern California. EEA has been providing high quality Estate Management and Fiduciary Services to its clients since 2011. Our team of professionals can serve various roles such as Trustee, Successor Trustee, Power of Attorney (Health and Financial), Trust Protector, Trusted Advisor, Executor, and Probate Administrator.

Why Choose Exclusive Estate Administration, Inc. (EEA)?

With a network of 20+ satellite offices, we have been delivering expert fiduciary and estate management services across San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties for over a decade. Throughout this time, our team's fiduciary expertise and professional guidance have been instrumental in guiding families through the complexities of the trust, probate, and estate administration process.

Our Mission

At Exclusive Estate Administration, Inc. (EEA), our mission is clear — to help you and your loved ones maintain independence throughout the aging process. Over the years, our team has achieved numerous successful outcomes for clients and their families. By choosing our licensed professional fiduciaries, you gain the assurance that your estate plan will be implemented and executed precisely according to your wishes.

About EEA

EEA is a fiduciary services and estate management company with offices in San Diego, CA and Newport Beach, CA. Our team has access to over 20+ satellite offices throughout Southern California. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries and see how we can help you with your estate management and fiduciary service needs.

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Fiduciary & Estate Services

EEA will help you throughout each phase of the administration process with a level of personal service you won't get from a bank / corporate trustee. Our team of fiduciaries can serve as Power of Attorney (Health & Financial), Advanced Health Care Directive, Trustee, Successor Trustee, Trust Protector and Trusted Advisor (non-legal assistance for appointed trustee).

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The EEA Fiduciary Team

Our team approach to fiduciary services is what sets us apart. From interviewing caregivers, coordinating activities, scheduling important doctor appointments, paying bills and addressing important paperwork as it comes; Our team of licensed fiduciaries are ready and available to assist our clients with any needs that arise.

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Our Why

At EEA, we understand firsthand the challenges and complexities that come with caring for aging parents and grandparents. We have experienced the emotional toll and witnessed firsthand the difficulties that arise when a loved one's capacity begins diminishing. We recognize that these situations can often lead to contentious conversations and disagreements among family members regarding the best course of action. In our personal journeys, we discovered that a well-drafted estate plan, clearly documenting your wishes, combined with the guidance of an experienced and neutral fiduciary, is critical to maintaining family harmony and alleviating stress during these trying times.

Support and Expertise When You Need It Most

We empathize with families who find themselves overwhelmed by the burden of additional paperwork, bills, medical appointments, and various responsibilities associated with caring for aging loved ones. Often, this workload is placed unevenly among family members (unintentionally), leading to resentment and disputes, including debates over inheritance expectations.

Recognizing a need within our own families, we quickly realized the invaluable role that a neutral-party and licensed fiduciary can offer when assisting with critical decisions and paperwork. We wanted to create a service that would ensure that precious time with our loved ones was spent on creating and cherishing memories, rather than being consumed by paperwork and other administrative tasks.

Thus, EEA was founded with a mission to provide the essential fiduciary services that fill this growing need. We aim to be the experienced coordinator families can turn to during these challenging times, and alleviate much of the stress involved with implementing and executing an estate plan. Whether it's finding the right in-home care provider or transitioning an aging loved one to assisted living, our team of experienced professionals is here to handle these complex processes for you and your family.

Experience You Can Trust

With over a decade of experience in the field, our team at EEA holds the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the intricacies of family dynamics and aging challenges. We understand the importance of coordinating and facilitating various services to accommodate your loved one's unique situation, ensuring their well-being and comfort. When family dynamics become complicated and the responsibilities of caring for aging loved ones become overwhelming, you can rely on EEA Fiduciary Services to be your trusted partner. We are dedicated to providing the support and guidance you need during these difficult times, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: creating precious memories and cherishing the time you have with your loved ones.

Contact us today to discover how our experienced professionals can help ease the burden and bring peace of mind to you and your family. As your fiduciary resource, we will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your loved one receives the care and attention they deserve.

Prepare, Prevent, Protect.


Our slogan, Prepare, Prevent, and Protect was created to remind our team what our 3 primary goals are:

1. Prepare - Our first goal is to prepare our clients and their loved ones for the transitioning process. We understand that these moments are significant and often emotionally charged. Our mission is to ensure a smooth and respectful transition in strict accordance with the expressed wishes of the client. By proactively addressing key aspects, we aim to alleviate the burden on families during these critical times.

2. Prevent - We are advocates for family harmony. Our approach involves preventing potential disputes through neutral and third-party decision-making. By adhering strictly to the client's documented and expressed wishes, we act as a mediator, fostering understanding and mitigating the risk of conflicts. Our commitment to clarity and objectivity serves as a foundation for peaceful resolutions.

3. Protect - As our clients age, we recognize the myriad of challenges they may face. Depending on the role(s) in which we are hired to serve, we go above and beyond to protect our clients. This includes scheduling preemptive health screenings and implementing vigilant monitoring of credit cards, financial statements, bills, and mail. Our proactive measures aim to shield against the various scams that disproportionately target individuals over the age of 60, ensuring their safety and financial security.


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