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Estate Expertise and Guidance for Seniors – Fiduciary Services

Estate Expertise and Guidance for Seniors – Fiduciary Services

Written by: Mark Rosney, Owner of Allways Home Care (Orange County, CA)  www.allwayshome.orgWith aging comes the complexities of maintaining daily living, staying active, socializing, and along with it very unfamiliar legal hurdles, financial risks, and much more. These can consumer valuable time that could be better spent as quality time with family and friends and taking actions to live a healthy and fulfilling life. A fiduciary can help.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person who assumes responsibility for a position of trust. They accept the obligation for taking care of the financial needs or property of another person for the benefit of that person. Fiduciaries can serve as court-appointed guardians, conservator of the estate (for assets that require protection) and/or of the person (making sure that the conservatee’s physical health, social and personal needs are met). Fiduciaries can also serve as a Personal Representative, Trustee and as agents under Power of Attorney.

Why is a fiduciary needed?

Fiduciaries manage a variety of services for our clients, from day-to-day maintenance and support issues for the elderly, to entire estate, trust, tax planning and investment management services. Trusting the management of your loved one’s personal affairs or your own estate plan to a professional fiduciary assures that matters are handled impartially in a professional and ethical manner. Professional fiduciaries can always be relied upon to represent the best interests of a client in an ethical and legal manner.

Exclusive Estate Administration provides professional expertise and guidance throughout all aspects of the estate process. Their team of professionals draw upon over a century of experience to achieve successful outcomes. For more about EEA, visit them online for more information:

If you think the assistance of a professional estate administrator might be useful for you or your family, call EEA today at: (855) GO-EEA-TODAY (855-463-3286).


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